PES 2015 Review

By Xite - January 1, 2015
Pro Evolution Soccer has come a long way and the game developer, Konami, has been improving the game with each edition. Even though the Fifa franchise remains the best football game, but with the late....

PES 2015 has excellent game play, which will definitely make Fifa rework its plans for next year. But does Konami dislodge EA Sports as the best football game? We find out…

Pro Evolution Soccer has come a long way and the game developer, Konami, has been improving the game with each edition. Even though the Fifa franchise remains the best football game, but with the latest edition not bringing anything new in particular, the PES has a chance to show off its mettle for a change.

The first thing that catches your attention is the more user friendly and easy to use menu. The EDM blaring in the background is definitely the best music compilation in a game this year. It really pumps you up and prepares you to take on the rival team on the pitch. A special word must go to the crowd reaction and match day commentary from Jim Beglin and John Champion, which keep the atmosphere electric and realistic. Each goal scored or missed or even a foul can be experienced as if you are actually involved in the game.

Pes 2015

PES 2015 is a thinking game as the artificial intelligence lets players play beyond their usual positions, like goal keepers will do a Manuel Neuer and double up as sweepers and get out of the box. What makes it even more realistic is that you will see defenders backing up wingers and attacking you in your half, while guys like Theo Walcott and Eden Hazard get into the role play of a second or even a third striker. This is how real football is played on the pitch, as the secret to winning a game is to always keep your opponent guessing your next move. This is a refreshing change because in FIFA everyone sticks to their traditional role, which can become quite predictable and boring after a while.

What makes things even more interesting is when your player is booked for a yellow card, the computer will try and tempt you to tackle again and force you to make more mistakes. Also the artificial intelligence will scope out your players’ weaknesses like if your defender is slow like Per Mertesacker than you will have to deal with fast paced strikers like Rahim Sterling and Ronaldo. This makes you think about team formation and at the same time plan out your counter strike options.

Pes 2015 Review

Like Fifa’s Ultimate Team multi-player online option, PES comes with myClub. You have to build a squad, hire a manager and plan out strategies that suit your players’ game play. The important tip here is that the more matches you finish, the more agents you will have to scout players. Also, quickly learn some signature moves, as this helps you score points quickly and bag world-class players like Gareth Bale. These are positive steps taken by Konami, but the Fifa online playing option remains the best in the business. There is also the Become a Legend option where you manage a player’s career. Konami has taken a realistic approach by letting you control only one player, while EA Sports lets you control the team as well. The problem with controlling only one player is that you end up being a spectator and are watching the ball most of the time. This makes it boring after a while.

So, PES 2015 is the best football games when it comes to playing on the pitch. It is more involving, more realistic, tougher to play, so a game plan is needed and the artificial intelligence is, without a shadow of doubt, the best ever seen in a football game. But there are still some glitches like the graphics, which need to improve and game modes need to be more authentic to lure the fans. A great effort by Konami, but EA Sports’ Fifa still remains the best game to buy, but the distance between the two has reduced drastically.

8.33/ 10
  • Graphics 8.0
  • Gameplay 9.0
  • Plot 8.0
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