Samsung The Wall Luxury Review

By Anuj Sharma - February 26, 2020
The Wall Luxury from Samsung is a a large-format modular MicroLED display that offers a phenomenal viewing experience. Joined together like pieces of Lego, the modular display can be configured into v....

MicroLED-based Samsung’s The Wall Luxury is a revolutionary modular display that can be configured in a variety of sizes and ratios.

Samsung calls it, ‘The Wall’, but we call it the epitome of luxury. The large-format modular LED display offers users a never seen before picture quality in the comfort of their homes. The Wall comes in a variety of sizes and ratios, ranging from 146-inch in 4K definition to 292-inch in 8K definition. The Wall also comes in two versions – The Wall Professional, which is focused toward high-end businesses and retail spaces, and The Wall Luxury, which is completely customisable and is focused towards lifestyle consumers.

The price of The Wall ranges from Rs 3.5 crore to Rs 12 crore (exclusive of taxes).

But to understand what this giant of a display does and how, we first need to understand the MicroLED technology, which it uses. A MicroLED display is a new form of display that consists of arrays of microscopic LEDs, forming individual pixel elements. MicroLED uses non-organic LEDs, meaning each pixel can be turned on or off individually. So, what are the benefits of this technology?

Well, while the MicroLED is also an emissive display, however, unlike OLED, the MicroLED doesn’t rely on organic compounds to create light. MicroLED displays offer perfect blacks, excellent colours, and near-perfect off-angle viewing. And since MicroLED displays can be combined into larger displays, so from a manufacturing view point there is no limit on the screen size.

Bezel-less design

The Wall Luxury has a bezel-less infinity design all around. In addition, Samsung is also offering customisable deco frames for a refined finish around the edges, which allows the display to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. Being a modular MicroLED, the Wall Luxury can be configured into different sizes and resolutions. These modules are joined together like pieces of Lego, and once combined, the surface of the completed screen looks uniformly flat – you don’t notice any variation in angles.

The Wall Intext

And while The Wall allows you to increase the display resolution, you can’t increase the resolution of an individual module. You can only add more pixels using more modules. The display also takes a lot of space – no surprises there! it also comes with an anti-glare Black Seal technology, which protects the display from outside elements, such as dust.

An excellent display

The Wall Luxury is powered by the Quantum Processor Flex clubbed with an AI picture quality engine. The Quantum Processor Flex is a machine-learning-based picture quality engine that analyses millions of images to automatically upscale the original low-resolution image, according to the display. What this translates to is that the display delivers optimised picture quality scene-by-scene, regardless of the original source resolution.

The Wall Intext Two

Whether you’re watching a classic movie, a sporting event, or playing the latest games, rest assured that you are in for a treat. It’s phenomenally crisp, clean, and three-dimensional. And since individual pixels can be turned on or off, it means black areas of an image are completely black, for the simple reason that the pixels of those areas don’t emit any light at all.

According to Samsung, The Wall Luxury’s self-emitting diodes have a life of 1,00,000 hours and offer a peak brightness of 2,000 nits. The display offers two modes – ambient and entertainment.

In the entertainment mode, you can use The Wall Luxury for home cinema or play games. In the Ambient Mode, you can display a variety of curated artworks – from paintings and photographs to video art.

The display also comes with a controller to help you easily switch between the two modes, raise volume up/down, zoom, and use Bixby.


The Wall Luxury offers so much vibrancy, brightness, and true black levels in images that you have to actually see it understand what I am talking about. The images are just spectacular – I can’t stress it enough! – and Samsung has proved that an image is much more than the combination of its pixels.


Brilliant picture quality, black levels, modular



Price: Rs 4 Crore

9.5/ 10
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