This is why Instagram doesn’t have an iPad app

By Xite - February 17, 2020
Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has said that the company does not have enough people to build an Instagram app for iPad. He adds that making a dedicated app for iPads ‘hasn’t bubbled up as the next be....

Instagram has over a billion monthly active users, and more than half of them use the app on a daily basis. But still, there are a few things that the company needs to work on. While the app has been getting several updates and feature additions, there is still no word on a dedicated Apple iPad app, why? We have an answer. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has said that building an Instagram app for iPad ‘hasn’t bubbled up as the next best thing to do yet’, so they don't have it.

‘We’d like to build an iPad app, but we only have so many people and lots to do, and it hasn’t bubbled up as the next best thing to do yet,’ Mosseri said. Apple iPad owners used several third-party Instagram apps, but Instagram changed its API leaving the iPad users without a way to access the platform. Though iPad owners can still use Instagram web app and add it to your Home screen.

Recently, Instagram brought direct messages (DMs) support to the web with which users can now send DMs from their PCs and laptops. According to 9to5mac, when asked why the company prioritised bringing DMs to the web over an iPad app, it said that DMs are important because they help users ‘stay in touch with the people you care about.’

For the record, Instagram web still has a lot of limitations. According to former Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos, the move of extending the DM support to the web ‘is against Facebook’s goal of bringing end-to-end encrypted compatibility between Facebook app, Instagram, and WhatsApp.’ You still cannot upload images or videos from your PCs to the photo-sharing app.

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