WhatsApp to Introduce Account Restriction Feature Soon; Here's How It Will Work

By Reetika Bhatt - May 2, 2024
The soon-to-release account restriction feature will temporarily cut off users who violate certain WhatsApp policies. Following this, users will be unable to start new chats for a set length of time.�....

WhatsApp is developing a new account restriction feature, which has been found in the current Android beta version of the messaging platform. According to reports, the new feature will be released in a future version and will temporarily prevent users from chatting with other people if they breach certain WhatsApp policies. Users who violate these specific policies will be cut off shortly by the Meta-owned app, according to new screenshots released by WABetaInfo. After the restriction, users will be unable to start new chats for a set amount of time. Here's all you need to know about the new feature. 

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WhatsApp Account Restriction Feature: What is It?

As mentioned before, the account restriction feature, as seen in screenshots released by WaBetaInfo, will temporarily restrict users who violate several WhatsApp policies. Following this, users will be unable to start new chats for a set length of time. They will, however, be able to receive and respond to messages within current chats and groups, ensuring that essential communication is not interrupted. 

WhatsApp Account Restriction Feature: How Will It Work?

WhatsApp utilises automated tools to identify several types of abuse, such as unsolicited messages, bulk messaging, and other actions that go against its terms of service. Given the platform has end-to-end encryption, these tools work independently of message content, relying instead on behavioural patterns to detect any suspicious activity. The new account restriction feature seeks to achieve a balance between ensuring policy compliance and protecting user access. By choosing interim limits over permanent bans, WhatsApp will allow users to change their behaviour without losing access to their data altogether. The feature is presently under development and is likely to be rolled out in an upcoming version of the app. 

The report stated, 'This automatic detection helps identify accounts exhibiting potentially harmful conduct. By restricting accounts rather than outright banning them, WhatsApp aims to offer users an opportunity to correct their behaviour without causing them to lose access to their data entirely.'

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In other developments, WhatsApp has just introduced a fresh update to improve its user interface's vibrancy and appeal. As part of the update, the app's colour scheme has changed and the tint of green has been altered to match the brand's signature colour. It is now a vibrant green. Some of the symbols and buttons appear different, including their shape and colour. Moreover, several parts of the app seem more dispersed than before. The tabs that were formerly at the top of your screen are now at the bottom, making them easier to access. 


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