WWDC 2024: AI, iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, Apple TV Box and More Expected

By Kanika Sachdeva - June 10, 2024
WWDC 2024: Apple's 35th Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will begin with CEO Tim Cook's keynote address scheduled to be held tonight at 10:30 p.m. (IST). The keynote will be live-streamed on ....

WWDC 2024: Apple's 35th Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will begin with CEO Tim Cook's keynote address scheduled to be held tonight at 10:30 p.m. (IST). We expect the keynote to majorly focus on AI (artificial intelligence), with updates coming to Siri as well as building support for OpenAI's ChatGPT tech into Apple's ecosystem. Along with this, one could also expect new features across Apple's software platforms for iOS, macOS, watchOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and the new visionOS. Apple, per Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, has no plans to announce any new hardware products at the event. The WWDC 2024 keynote will be live-streamed on YouTube, X, and Apple.com. It can also be watched through the Apple Developer app or the TV app on the Apple TV.  

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WWDC 2024: AI-related Announcements

To stay relevant in the AI game with Microsoft and Google, Apple is expected to unveil some of its generative AI-powered tools for various Apple devices. Apple's AI feature set, likely to be branded as Apple Intelligence, could include a smarter Siri with ChatGPT-like capabilities. It is also expected that Apple will introduce new tools, such as AI-supported Xcode, to help developers create games and applications using AI. Other expected AI features include text summarisation, auto-reply suggestions, custom emoji characters, enhanced photo editing, and improved web search.

WWDC 2024: Software Upgrades

In addition, Apple will most likely bring in iOS 18, a noteworthy software update to revolutionise user experience with advanced AI features. Features like voice memo transcription (for easier spoken content transcription) and smart recap (for summarising missed messages and notifications) are anticipated. Plus, you might get to see Apple bring along rich communication services,  text-based emoji suggestions, a non-grip app arrangement system, a voice-recording tool in Notes, custom routes and topography in Maps, and customisation options for home screen icons. 

As for iPadOS 18, the update is expected to carry over many enhancements from iOS 18, with an emphasis on improving productivity and creativity. Better Apple Pencil integration, improved multitasking, a built-in calculator app, and AI-driven features are expected to further augment the iPad's potency as a personal and professional tool.

Like iOS 18, macOS 15 will likely come with several AI-driven features. Rumoured features include a more streamlined Settings app, a Siri overhaul, AI-assisted writing in Pages, smart slide deck creation in Keynote, and advanced code suggestions in Xcode.

For Apple Watch users, watchOS 11 will likely include stress management tools, enhanced sleep tracking, AI-backed workout suggestions, and additional health and fitness features. Changes to the Siri interface are also on the cards.

Last but not least, visionOS 2.0 for the Vision Pro headset is expected to introduce new AR (augmented reality) capabilities, enhanced performance, and better developer tools, showcasing Apple's commitment to augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). 

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WWDC 2024: Hardware 

This year, Apple's focus will be more on software rather than hardware. However, the tech giant could bring the M4 chip launched recently alongside the iPad Pro model. We might hear some announcements with respect to the Apple TV box as well.

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