Apple Introduces tvOS 18 With Enhanced Dialogue, InSight and More Updates

By Sanorita - June 12, 2024
The most recent version of Apple's tvOS will be released later this year as a free software update for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. Let's look at the new features announced for the tvOS 18 at WWDC 202....

Apple unveiled tvOS 18 at WWDC 2024, with various new features aimed at improving the entertainment and convenience of users across the world. The most exciting feature is InSight which provides real-time information about content playing on Apple TV+ movies and shows. The company also added enhancements to already-available Apple TV features, like automated subtitles, and an intelligent Enhanced Dialogue. The software is currently accessible to developers in the beta version. Its public testing version will follow later, with the final version expected in the fall. Let's look at the new features in detail. 

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With InSight, users can now access real-time information on actors, songs, and characters from Apple TV+ films and television series. They have the option to select an actor and view bio and background details. Additionally, the user can add the music that is now playing to their Apple Music library. Viewers can also view InSight information by employing their Apple iPhone as an Apple TV remote.

Enhance Dialogue

Another interesting feature is Enhance Dialogue that will improve vocal clarity across background noise, action, and music on Apple TV 4K. Users can enjoy this capability when using AirPods, Bluetooth-enabled devices, and the TV's built-in speakers to play supported content.

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Subtitles and Other Updates

The new tvOS version will also automatically enable subtitles at right times, such as when the video is muted, a language in movie or show differs from the device language or you go back ten seconds to rewatch a scene. Other notable upgrades include 21:9 support for movie and shows on projector, and new screen savers (Snoopy, TV and Movies, and Portraits). Apple has also revealed updates for the Home app, Apple Fitness+, and FaceTime.

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