CES 2020: Samsung Digital Cockpit 2020 unveiled

By Xite - January 8, 2020
Digital Cockpit 2020 is the third solution developed in collaboration between Samsung and HARMAN International. The solution combines Samsung’s telecommunications technologies, semiconductors and di....

South Korean giant Samsung has unveiled Digital Cockpit 2020, which utilises 5G to tie-up features both inside and outside the vehicle to provide connected experiences for drivers and passengers alike.

Digital Cockpit 2020 combines Samsung’s telecommunications technologies, semiconductors, and displays with HARMAN’s automotive expertise. The solution allows for two-way connections between the home, the office, and all the other places and spaces that a user visits while providing personalised experiences and in-car infotainment.

Digital Cockpit 2020 has eight displays inside the vehicle as well as eight cameras. The solution is powered by the Samsung Exynos Auto V9 SoC (System on Chip) and runs on Android 10.

The solution requires a driver to log in using either facial recognition or a smartphone fingerprint reader. The Center Information Display shows a driver’s schedule along with other information. The front display provides visual navigation information and is positioned in such a way that the driver doesn't need to take their eyes off the road. Additionally, it is equipped with QLED Local Dimming technology and split-screen mode, making it easy for passengers to use the display without distracting the driver.

Then there is the Dashboard Display, which is seamlessly incorporated into the vehicle’s interior design and is positioned under the Front Display and delivers visual notices and alerts. And if the driver activates Bixby, this display then shows a Bixby animation that listens to the driver’s commands.

The Console Display, located under the Center Information Display is used to control various features and the functions of other displays, as well as the vehicle itself. Passengers sitting in the back seats can connect their personal tablets to the Digital Cockpit and use them to control things like air conditioning, ambient lighting, and vehicle speakers. If a driver or passenger connect their smartphone to Samsung DeX2 for vehicles, they will be able to read and work on documents from their PCs on the car’s Center Information Display. Unlike 2019 Digital Cockpit, 2020 solution allows for these connections to be made wirelessly.

'Digital Cockpit 2020 also features multi-zone audio, which allows each passenger to listen to their own music via speakers embedded in the headrests of their seats,' the company said in a statement

At the back, the micro LEDs located on the external tail lamps are used to form the 53.7-inch Tail Display. Combined with V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communication technology and the Tail Display, the vehicle can share messages and communicate the driver’s status to parties outside the vehicle when required. For example, the display might show messages such as ‘roadworks ahead’ and ‘pedestrians approaching,’ among others.

Digital Cockpit 2020 Inside

The two 7-inch displays – one on the left and one on the right – inside the vehicle serve as displays for the Camera Monitoring System, which replaces the conventional side mirrors in the Digital Cockpit 2020. The system monitors possible risks on the rear lateral sides of the vehicle while the user is driving or parking.

Digital Cockpit 2020 2

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