Royole Flexpai 2 with improved foldable display & 5G unveiled in China

By Xite - March 26, 2020
Chinese tech firm Royole has become the third smartphone company, after Samsung and Huawei, to unveil two foldable smartphones in the market. It has launched the Flexpai 2 with an improved display and....

Royole, which is technically the first company ever to launch a foldable smartphone, is back with its second foldable device called Royole Flexpai 2. The device is the successor of the Royole Flexpai that was launched last year, and the company claims that the new phone comes with better display technology. Royole has now become the third company after South Korean company Samsung and China's Huawei to have two foldable smartphone offerings. It is also one of a handful of smartphones that come with 5G support.

Royole Camera

The Flexpai 2 was showcased during the 2020 Royal Technology and Partnership conference in China where the company CEO Bill Liu talked a lot about the phone’s display. According to the company, the latest handset has a third-generation Cicada Wing (Flexible Foldable Display), which has a smaller crease and bend radius. The new display has an improved brightness, contrast, and better viewing angles. The company has also included top-of-the-line hardware in the phone.

Royole Flexpai 2 specifications

Royole Display

The Royole Flexpai 2 has a 7.8-inch in display with a 4:3 ratio when open. This is the same as last year’s Royole Flexpai. The company claims that the display withstood over 200,000 bends without any damage. It features nearly 100 micro-nano materials for an improved strain recovery. Additionally, the latest Cicada Wing is claimed to have 1.3x better colour gamut and 500x better contrast than a high-end LCD.

Royole Back

According to news portal GSMArena, the phone’s panel can be folded in multiple directions and even rolled. Further, the smartphone has Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 865 chipset with X55 5G modem. The Flexpai 2 is fitted with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 storage. Its variants will be announced when the phone will be officially launched later.

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