Samsung Galaxy S21 to reportedly skip the ToF sensor next year

By Xite - August 17, 2020
South Korean smartphone giant Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Note20 flagships without the ToF sensors, and as per a report, the company will supposedly launch the Galaxy S21 without the ToF modu....

Samsung is in the process of preparing for the Galaxy S series’ launch next year. As per a recent report, Samsung has decided to not include the ToF sensor in the device. In fact, it was already missing in the already launched Galaxy Note20 series.

Reportedly, the company has not found a valid reason to bring the sensor back, and it intends to utilize the space to offer something new to the customers.

Apple reserved the rights for the direct ToF from Sony, and it is more powerful than what Samsung uses. However, Samsung hasn’t completely abandoned the concept. When it has access to better sensors, it might just change the decision.

It has also been reported that in the near future, Samsung's System LSI Business department might develop its in-house ToF sensor. Until then, Samsung intends to examine how the iPhones implement ToF sensors.


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