Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone ad during Oscars confirms February 11 launch

By Xite - February 10, 2020
Samsung aired an advertisement showing off the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone in entirety. The company is apparently tying up with fashion brands to release the smartphone on February 11 ‘Unp....

Samsung has confirmed that it will launch its second foldable smartphone, which is likely to be called the Galaxy Z Flip, at the upcoming ‘Unpacked’ event in San Francisco -- the same event where the Galaxy S20 Series of smartphones will make their debut. The South Korean giant chose one of the biggest platforms to make the announcement -- The Oscars. It played an advertisement during the Academy Awards event showing the smartphone in its entirety. The Galaxy Z Flip can be seen folded at a right angle with the screen bent right in the centre.

What’s interesting is that the phone doesn’t seem to fold completely flat. At the end of the short clip, you’ll see in one frame that there is a small gap towards the hinge. Apparently, Samsung has already said that users ‘may notice a small crease in the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen.’ This means that Samsung’s second foldable smartphone will also have a crease.



The ad also shows the phone in purple and black colours. On the outside, there are two cameras and a tiny screen. Users can see the caller’s name on that screen and it also has sliders for accepting or rejecting a call. It may be possible that users may be able to see notifications on that screen. Further, Samsung is reportedly roping in fashion brands for the Galaxy Z Flip launch. The US-based fashion brand Thom Browne has posted a small clip on its Instagram handle showing Samsung branding.

This is not the first time that has happened. Brands like OnePlus and Huawei have collaborated with automakers and movie franchises to launch special versions of smartphones. Reportedly, the Thom Browne version may cost customers 3 million Korean won (approx $2500). The original price may be around $1500. Samsung has reportedly produced 500,000 Galaxy Z Flip handsets and the company hopes to sell 2.5 million devices this year.

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