Samsung launches smart TVs in India

By Xite - April 8, 2019
The new TV line up is set to redefine the term ‘Smart’ in Smart TVs and will uplift your home entertainment experience. The latest innovations include smart features such as Personal Computer, Mus....

Samsung today launched new smart TVs in India that comes with features such as music system, home cloud, Live cast and two way sharing. The new range of smart TVs are launched under the ‘Unbox Magic Every day’ campaign and are designed under ‘Make for India’ initiative.

The Smart TVs allow you to transform your television to your own personal computer. With this feature one can turn their Smart TV into a full-fledged computer than just browsing. Consumers can create documents or work from the cloud such as creating your school or office presentations. Users can also mirror their laptop on the Smart TV screen wirelessly without internet connection for a big screen or extended screen experience.

Another unique feature in the TVs is that users can remotely access their laptop or personal computer from any location over internet, for example you can access your work computer which is at office or any distant place to complete any unfinished file from the convenience of your home. The Smart TVs are secured by Samsung’s multi-layered Knox.

The Samsung Smart TV can also be transformed into a virtual music system allowing users to choose from a library of skins with different colour options. This feature enhances the overall audio experience by adding visual elements on the screen turning.

The live cast feature seamlessly streams live moments from any remote location on to their Smart TV over the internet via their smartphone. The two-way sharing, allows sharing of content between the TV and smartphone. Users’ can play music and videos from their phone onto their Smart TV for a bigger screen entertainment or carry their TV content and audio to their smartphone for personal consumption without internet.

The smart hub provides a single access to live TV, apps and other sources. You can browse content while watching TV and check out the thumbnail previews before diving in.

Samsung’s new range of smart TVs start from 32-inch priced at Rs 24,900 and is available across screen sizes up to 82-inch. The TVs are available at all Samsung Smart Plazas and consumer electronic stores.

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