Samsung Super 6 UHD TV series launched in India

By Xite - March 12, 2019
The new range of UHD TV line-up meets the growing expectations of our consumers by providing a 4K UHD TV with host of smart features such as Live Cast, Tune Station, Smart Convergence and Lag Free Gam....

Samsung today launched an online exclusive UHD TV line-up with features including live cast, tune station, screen mirroring, lag free gaming and 4K resolution. Driven by PurColour technology, Samsung’s newly launched UHD TVs are bundled with smart hub and smart convergence allowing users to seamlessly pair their smartphone with TVs.

The all new UHD series brings in the power of sharper, crisper images with 4K UHD that has 4X more pixels than FHD TV, the company said.

With live cast one can broadcast any live moment from any location on to the TV by using his/her smartphone. The feature enables the consumers to effortlessly share a live stream and further build on the entertainment factor. The tune station enhances the overall audio experience by adding realistic visual elements to the playlist, thereby turning the TV into a virtual music system.

Screen mirroring allows one to screen mirror the content from phone to TV. It offers assistance to let the smartphone and Smart TV work in sync to maximise the entertainment experience. Consumers can play videos on the big screen to make them come alive.

Samsung’s Super 6 Series UHD line-up is priced at Rs 41,990 for 43-inch, Rs 51,990 for 50-inch and Rs 61,990 for 55-inch, respectively. The TVs are available on Samsung Shop and e-commerce channels - Flipkart (43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch) and Amazon will have the 50-inch for sale.

For the limited launch period between March 12 to March 14, consumers purchasing TVs on e-commerce channels will also be eligible for offers and discounts. 

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