Snapchat to Roll Out Editable Chats, AI-Powered Reminders, Emoji Reactions and More Features

By Divyam Dubey - May 6, 2024
Snapchat's new features aim to help users express themselves more freely, interact with one another more quickly, and use My AI to better manage their busy lives. Let's check out the new features that....

Snapchat is unveiling a host of innovative features aimed at enhancing user interaction and refining existing experiences on the platform. Among these advancements are several powered by artificial intelligence (AI), with a gradual rollout underway. Notably, certain features will be exclusive to Snapchat+ premium subscribers. Exciting additions include Editable Chats, Emoji Reactions, My AI Reminders, an AI-driven tool to craft personalized outfits for Bitmoji avatars, and more.

Snapchat" What's New?


An intriguing new feature called Editable Chats, which is similar to WhatsApp's editing tool, lets users change their messages within a five-minute window after sending them. At the moment only available to Snapchat+ members, it might soon be available to all users. 

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Snapchat users can now use any emoji to express themselves with the Emoji Reactions function, which was previously limited to Bitmoji reactions. By sending event details to My AI for countdown notifications, you can also set up reminders. 

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An understated improvement to Snap Map allows users to respond with emojis to other people's whereabouts. Further enhancing the Snapchat experience are two new AI-driven features. First, a Bitmoji costume generator driven by AI creates a variety of looks from user descriptions. The second, the just released "90s AI Lens," uses automatically applied creative filters to give photos a vintage feel from the 1990s.

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