To further strengthen its augmented reality capabilities, Facebook has acquired Germany based computer vision startup Fayteq, specialised in video-editing technology which makes it feasible to add or remove objects from existing videos.

The social network has confirmed the acquisition to the TechCrunch, however the terms of the deal were not disclosed. Fayteq’s expertise and its IP and patents could help the social network built its augmented reality ambitions.

Facebook has recently launched Watch, a new tab that make it easier to you to catch up with shows you love. Shows are made up of episodes -- live or recorded and follow a theme or storyline. Watch will be available on mobile, on desktop and laptop, and in our TV apps.

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Earlier this year, Facebook has acquired another startup Source3, that will pass its IP-tracking powers, trademark and copyright expertise to the team at Facebook to nab people that share illegal content on the Facebook.

The startup Source3, recognise, organise and analyse branded intellectual property in user-generated content, and has identified products across a variety of areas including sports, music, entertainment and fashion. Along the way, the content rights management company has built an end-to-end platform to manage online IP and establish relationships with brands and to catch the infringers.

The technology and team behind the Source3 could enhance the functionality of Facebook’s Rights Manager software, that works similar to YouTube’s Content ID allowing creators to copyright their videos, and then either to block illegal uploads of them across Facebook or to collect the revenue share from these unauthorised copies.