Samsung working on 'flexible display' phone

By Xite - October 4, 2019
According to the patent filed by Samsung, the flexible display smartphone will sport a sliding touch screen, which will be attached to a complex rack. The sliding display could be used to answer calls....

Just after a few hours of announcing the pre-booking of the category-defining Galaxy Fold smartphone, a new report has claimed that Samsung is working on a flexible display smartphone.

According to the patent spotted by Gizmochina, the new smartphone will have a sliding touch screen display to conceal the top bezel. The display is flexible too and seems to be attached to a complex rack and pinion mechanism that allows the display to slide up and down. The patent also describes that whenever a user will receive a call, the display would slide down to reveal the earpiece and camera.

With the flexible display, Samsung aims to maximise the screen to body ratio. China’s Xiaomi has implemented the mechanism in its Mi Mix 3 smartphone, but the mechanism isn’t as seamless as explained in the Samsung’s patent. In the Mix 3, Xiaomi has used the ‘magnetic slider design’ driven by neodymium magnets, and the mechanism is incorporated in the UX that allows to answer phone calls, take selfies by slide-open the smartphone.

Earlier this month, Samsung finally launched the Galaxy Fold foldable phone in India at a price of Rs 1,64,999. The Galaxy Fold was first showcased at the MWC 2019, however, the initial devices hit a roadblock owing to a few manufacturing issues.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone comes with dual displays – one is at the front, while and the other acts as a foldable panel. At the front, there is an HD+ 4.6-inch Super AMOLED panel with 840x1960 pixels resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio and the other is a QXGA+ 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Dynamic AMOLED panel, which has a resolution of 1536x2152 pixels with 4.2:3 aspect ratio. The larger display folds inwards like a book, which then allows the user to access the smaller display on the outside/cover.

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