CES 2020: What to expect from the ‘Global Stage of Innovation’

By Xite - January 6, 2020
CES, the annual show that takes place in Las Vegas, will be held from January 7-10 this year. The show will have companies showcasing next-gen products, innovation and gadgets with new age application....

CES (previously called the Consumer Electronic Show) is an annual event that takes place in Las Vegas in January. The show has companies, startups, entrepreneurs and developers which exhibit next-gen products with cutting-edge innovation and gadgets with new age applications. With focus now being on ‘smart devices’, it is expected that the conference will have solutions for smart cities having 5G at the core.

This year, CES will commence from January 7 and will conclude on January 10. It is expected to witness over 4,500 exhibitors that are said to showcase 20,000 products to over 170,000 attendees from about 160 countries. It will also have over 1,100 industry experts who will be speaking at over 300 sessions over the course of four days. This year, CES will have Ivanka Trump, Advisor to US President Donald Trump and head of the White House’s Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship, talking about the ‘Path to the Future of Work’. 

While we have already seen most-anticipated gadgets of 2020, here we will talk about the upcoming products ranging from laptops to smartphones, from robots to sex toys by Lora DiCarlo, and all the tech that is expected to trend through the next 12 months.


Televisions as a category have been stealing a lot of limelight at the CES since past few years. This year OEMs are expected to ramp up their portfolio with MicroLEDs -- a technology which is even more advanced than OLED. Samsung will showcase TVs with this tech and the other 2020 QLED 8K TVs at CES.

2020 Samsung QLED 8K

Samsung Electronics has already launched its next-generation QLED 8K line ahead of the CES. According to Samsung, the TVs offer a glimpse into the future of display technology and smart home integration. It leverages the power of enhanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to improve audio, video and smart capabilities. Powered by Tizen, the TVs will let customers use voice commands and access smart features like Digital Butler and Samsung Health.


Another company, TCL, is also likely to showcase TVs with Mini-LEDs. These are said to be an improved version of the LED-backlit LCD screens. Basically, Mini-LEDs are touted to offer OLED-level quality at much affordable prices. We have already talked about the LG’s rollable TV called the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R. It can be used in three different ways – Full View, Line View, and Zero View. The TV comes with 4.2-channel, 100W front-firing Dolby Atmos audio system. The company has already unveiled its line-up of 8K TVs, and it will showcase eight TVs with new 77- and 65-inch models along with existing 88- and 75-inch screen sizes.

LG NanoCell

5G and its applications

Since the advent of 5G at MWC last year, there has been a surge in 5G-compliant gadgets, including smartphones and digital solutions designed to be used in smart vehicles, smart cities, among others. We could see new experiences in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) space with better graphics and faster connectivity. Dell and HP have already launched series of 5G-enabled laptops. 

OnePlus had teased the OnePlus Concept One phone with an ‘Alternate Future with Alternate Design’ tagline. The phone has an ‘invisible camera’, and according to the teaser shared on Twitter, the rear panel of the phone has OnePlus logo at the centre and when seen from a certain angle, there are three cameras on the back.


The phone will have an electrochromic glass with organic particles that create various tints in colour when subject to an electrical field. When a different voltage is applied, the light transmission properties are altered, allowing the glass to shift back and forth from transparent to translucent, essentially hiding and revealing the triple camera setup on the back. 



Now that we are talking about laptops, let’s take a deep dive into what we already know about the major players. As mentioned Dell Technologies and HP Inc. have already launched their respective laptop portfolios. We haven’t heard from other players yet but we could see new gaming machines, hardware and custom rigs on display. AMD has announced that it will make 2020 ‘an unforgettable year for gamers, creators and mobile PC users.’ NVIDIA will also showcase their products including displays and graphics cards.

...and everything else

CES is so huge that its takes a lot of effort and time to cover the tech showcased across 11 massive halls. There are certain areas, like mobile gaming and e-sports, that are gaining momentum. Players like Sony are likely to attract masses owing to their extensive line-up of products, including a new range of televisions, camera tech and audio equipment. Gamers might be in for a treat if the company teases PlayStation 5.

Apart from this, there is a buzz about robots at CES. If you are on the show floor, you can see robots that makes bread, Sony's Aibo dog, and MarsCat developed by startup Elephant Robotics. There are dustbins that automatically tie-up the garbage, and electric toothbrushes with sensors that will teach you how to brush your teeth effectively.  

Last year, CES had smart showers and commodes from Kohler, and these are expected to get an update. Reportedly, at least 10 sex toys companies will also be showcasing their products at CES 2020. Most notable of them is sex tech startup Lora DiCarlo. Banned last year, the company now returns to the show floor with two new sex toys, Baci and Onda. These products use have received the CES Honoree Innovation award and use biomimicry & micro-robotics to simulate human touch.

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